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Film: Keele History – in the Words of Students and Staff!

Below is a film about the history department for prospective undergraduate students, we hope you enjoy it! Visit Susannah’s blog to see an example of the sorts of things our 2nd year students get up to! Advertisements

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Anthony Kauders discusses the reception of ‘Der Freud Komplex’

Usually it is literary theorists who concern themselves with the reception of texts: how they are constructed, reconstructed and deconstructed, how there is no stable meaning, how readers ignore, question, and undermine the author’s intentions (whatever these may be). “Is … Continue reading

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Medical Misadventure in New Zealand – Alannah Tomkins on her new research.

I have spent most of my career trying to wedge the disciplines of History and English closer together, and recently I’ve had some success in integrating the two more decisively in my teaching.  My third-year History modules are partly assessed … Continue reading

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Commemorating Napoleon’s Hundred Days in 2015

Everyone knows that Napoleon was decisively defeated at the battle of Waterloo in July 1815 and next year will witness a number of commemorations to mark the bicentenary of this landmark event, not least on this side of the Channel. … Continue reading

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