The Levitt Lecture 2017

This year’s Levitt lecture will be given by historian and filmmaker Michael Wood. His title is  ‘Why the Anglo-Saxons Matter – Athelstan and the Making of England.’ The lecture is at 2.00 p.m. Saturday 18 November 2017.


It is often forgotten, but the roots of England  lie before the  Norman Conquest:  the foundations of the English state were laid by  three generations of the Wessex royal family, Alfred the Great, his son Edward and daughter  Aethelflaed, and his grandson Aethelstan.  In this  illustrated talk, with special focus on Aethelstan, Michael Wood argues that they are the most important rulers in English history:   without them  the history of Britain might have been radically different:  no English state perhaps, no English law, or English ideas about government;  maybe no English language as the world’s language?

Michael Wood is a distinguished historian and filmmaker and is currently  Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester. Among his recent films was the BBC 2 series The Story of China.  His academic specialism is later Anglo-Saxon history, the Alfredian dynasty and especially the reign of Athelstan the first king of England. He recently  received the British Academy President’s Medal for outreach in History.

The Levitt lecture was established in memory of the late John Levitt, adult-education tutor organiser in English at Keele who taught extensively on Old English language, literature and history. In tune with that tradition the lecture is always FREE and open to all with an interest in study.

The 2017 will be held in the Westminster Theatre at Keele University at 2.00 p.m. on 18 November 2017.

Booking is not necessary, but further details may be had from Dr Philip Morgan

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