New Book on the Mongols: Peter Jackson

Our emeritus professor Peter Jackson has recently published a new book with Yale University Press on the The Mongols and the Islamic World: From Conquest to Conversion He has set out to explore two questions. First,  the impact on the Islamic world (Jackson bookDār al-Islām) of the campaigns of conquest by the armies of Temüjin, better known as Chinggis Khan (d. 1227), and his first three successors, under whom the empire of the Mongols (or Tatars, as they were often termed) came to embrace all the Muslim territories east of Syria and the Byzantine Greek oecumene. And second, it examines the character of Mongol rule over Muslims down to, and just beyond, the conversion of the various khans to Islam.

It is available at a mere £30! You can also follow the publisher’s  blog


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