Anglo-Saxons at Keele

Whilst the Anglo-Saxons, in the guise of The Last Kingdom,  are making weekly appearences on BBC Two in the customary modern vision of the middle ages as blood, gore, and rumpy pumpy, all shot in super murkovision, we will be acting as hosts to two papers on more Mercian themes on Saturday 22 April 2017 at 10.30 a.m.when the Ranulf Higden Society pays its annual visit.

Dr Charles Insley (University of Manchester) and Dr Nigel Tringham (Keele University) will present on

‘The Mercians, the Merfynion and the Anglo-Welsh Frontier, 820-920’ and

‘St Edith of Polesworth and Tamworth: the medieval cult.’

Not sure about the Merfynion? Then the Last Kingdom isn’t enough! Come along and find out.

There is a modest fee and a buffet lunch is available if booked.

For further details click on the link to the society here Ranulf Higden Society.

The day is free to Keele undergraduates since we will reimburse the society.


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