Civilian Internment in the Habsburg Empire during the First World War

This week’s Modern History seminar deals with one of the less appreciated aspects of memories of the first world war, the internment of civilians by the combatant powers.
Matthew Stibbe of Sheffield Hallam University will discuss the topic in relation to experiences within the Habsburg empire. He has written, ‘In particular, most of those who were matthew-stibbeinterned in Austria-Hungary during the war were not enemy aliens at all, but either deportees from occupied territories, or feindliche Inländer, internal enemies who belonged to particular subject nationalities of the empire. With the partial exception of the Serbs and the Italians, they did not enjoy the protection of the International Red Cross or of neutral embassies. And their treatment was anything but lenient’.
Wednesday, 1 February, 15:30 – 17:00, CBB 0.030

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