A New Study of Trentham

Dr Pam Sambrook, former keeper at Shugborough and a pams-bookfriend of Keele history of many years, has just published the results of a long-time research project on the servants at Trentham Hall, the Staffordshire estate of the Leveson-Gower family, dukes of Sutherland. The archive is held at the Staffordshire Record Office and was ‘saved’ by a collaboration between the county archives, local historians and local people which included a twenty-four hour lecture marathon. It is a rich quarry of materials from the middle ages to the twentieth century. Pam’s study continues her long writing career on the social strucrure of noble houses and estates, though she will be remembered by some Keele students for her courses on the history of housework, and of food, and her writing on brewing and oatcakes!

The book costs £20 but there is a pre-publication offer (see the leaflet). The author will also be signing copies on 15 December, 10am until midday, in Newcastle Library.