A new Keele historian and Brexit

Our newly appointed chair of modern history, Aristotle Kallis, joins us from Lancaster to start the new session. A historian of twentieth-century right-wing movements, amongst many things, he was recently interviewed by the BBC World Service on what  Brexit might mean for him.  Aristotle KallisTo listen to what he had to say click on this link: Brexit


One of the Richest Men in England

Henry Lacy, fifth earl of Lincoln was one of the wealthiest and most influential members of the English nobility in the reigns of Edward I and Edward II. An edition of his estate accounts for the year 1277 to 1278 has just been published by the Ranulf Higden Society, a society of independent scholars which is closely associated with Keele’s History department. It covers lands in Lancashire and Cheshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and was the last project Lacy accountsof one of our Latin and Palaeography summer school regulars, Eric FosterEric Foster, who sadly died at the age of 93, weeks after its appearence.

The volume is presented as a Latin text, edited from the manuscript with a facing-page English translation.