The 39th Latin & Palaeography Summer School

For nearly forty years Keele has hosted an annual summer school devoted to the acquisition of the skills necessary to read historical documents written in Latin (and Anglo-Norman). The founder of the school, Denis Stuart, wrote two text books (Manorial Records, 1992, and Latin for Local and Family Historians, 1995), developed from materials used at the school. The school now attracts independent scholars, family historians, intending archivists and starting postgraduates who spend a week poring over original documents.


In this image students being introduced to palaeography share their experiences of trying to read abbreviated scripts written in an unfamiliar language. In doing so they begin to have direct access to their own history, unmediated by professional historians, and are able to conduct their own research.

Details of next year’s school, to be held from 22 to 27 July 2017, will be available here soon: 2017 Summer School

Or, contact the School’s new director, Dr Andrew Sargent.


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