A hole in the ground in Newcastle, not round.

In 1973 the Department of History helped celebrate the 800th anniversary of the borough of Newcastle by publishing a history of the Borough. 1173 was the date of the now lost first charter which called Newcastle a borough. What might also have been lost is just reappearing under excavations in advance of development adjacent to the former Maxim’s nightclub in Lower Street. Staffordshire’s principal archaeologist, Stephen Dean, is supervising the archaeological exploration which can easily be viewed from the car park at Lidl.We are here on the margins between the castle site to the right of this photograph and the church of St Giles to the left. The principal entrance to the castle site is thought to be some distance behind us in this image, and we are close to the old street-name Holborn, ‘the street in a hollow’ on the line where the Lyme Brook entered the castle pool.


So, what is to be made of the large sandstone blocks to left of the site? What piece of Newcastle’s history is currently being revealed?

Maxims Excavation - 20052016 - Large sandstone wall at S end of site with floor surface and layers of charcoal evident in section (1).-1



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