Dr Anthony Mansfield wins Royal Historical Society Research Award

In July 2016 the University of Oxford will host  ‘Conquest 1016/1066,’ a conference which will mark the 1000 year anniversary of Cnut’s conquest of England and the 950 year anniversary of Duke William’s victory at Hastings.

Anthony Mansfield, a Sessional Tutor at Keele, has been fortunate enough to win a Research Award from the Royal Historical Society, which will enable him to attend and present at the  conference. The award is designed to meet travel costs and conference registration in order to assist early career researchers to present their research. Applications are assessed by the society’s Research Support Committee and consider  the historical significance of the wider project and how the research award will contribute to the applicant’s ongoing work

Anthony will also join the Royal Historical Society Postgraduate Speaker Series, which allows UK history departments outside of London to invite him to present a seminar paper at that host institution expenses free. Certainly, this will provide an excellent opportunity to disseminate research findings and enhance scholarly recognition in the future.

Anthony will present a paper titled ‘Essex: A North-Sea Lordship?’ In the paper he will discuss how the regional identity of the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy in eastern England may have been tied to a North-Sea network of aristocracies between the late tenth and the early eleventh centuries.

An Interdisciplinary Anniversary Conference

Ioannou Centre Oxford, 21-24 July 2016


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