Æthelflæd 1100

2018 marks the 1100th anniversary of the death at Tamworth of Æthelflæd ‘ruler of the Mercians’. The first-born child of King Alfred, Æthelflæd is a rare example of female rulership in English history, all the rarer in her case since she was succeeded by her daughter, Ælfwynn, an unmarried woman of 30. A collaboration has been established amongst local groups, including Tamworth Borough Council, Tamworth Museum, Tamworth’ Civic Society and the St Editha’s church, to join with History departments at the Universities of Chester, Keele and Manchester to plan a series of events and publications in 2018. The first planning meeting was held at Keele University this morning.

‘Alfled le Sage’ (Æthelflæd the wise) looks on as some of the planning group examine some of Tamworth’s medieval court rolls which are held in the archives at Keele University. A web site http://www.aethelflaed.org has been created and will serve as a gateway for some of the events and celebrations planned for 2018.


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