Immigrants and Agincourt: An election special on ‘Englishness’? 18 April

On Saturday 18 April we host our annual visit by the Ranulf Higden Society. This year’s meeting is topical to say the least, but one of the papers on  ‘immigrants’ is not from a UKIP campaign, but rather deals with England’s resident aliens between 1330 and 1550. The recently completed project England’s Immigrants contains a database of 64000 people! Dr Jonathan Mackman (who also worked on Keele’s Gascon Rolls project) and Dr Jessica Lutkin will present some of the original records from which the database was derived.

In the same session Professor Anne Curry will discuss records relating to one of England’s iconic moments, the battle of Agincourt, the six-hundredth anniversary of which falls this year.  The two papers raise interesting questions about what it means and has meant to be English. For further details contact Dr Philip Morgan –

Higden day


The day school runs from 10.30 to 3.30 in the Claus Moser Research Centre.


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